Pinto Fic Recs (200+ fics!)

I've compiled a list of my favorite Pinto fics. I've organized them by rating (G through NC-17), and I have separate section for all of the AU fics. The summary and word count are also listed. If the fic has any warnings (besides 'fluff'), I have them listed. My absolute-must-read-favorites are marked with a star (*). None of these fics belong to me, I'm simply listing them for others to discover. Enjoy! :)

-Rated: G-

Title: And it stares me in the face/And holds me speechless,
Word Count: 1,100
Summary: Some days, Chris thinks Zach would rather be outed in some scandalous incident then with quiet dignity.

Title: Emotionally Compromised
Word Count: 3,398
Summary: Chris passes out on set and Zach takes care of him.

Title: Home at Last
Word Count: 340
Summary: Chris and Zach snuggle in bed.

Title: Once, Once I Loved
Word Count: 1,447
Summary: Slow dancing on Chris' terrace.

Title: a passage that sings
Word Count: 1,722
Summary: Zach is hungover.

Title: Real
Word Count: 641
Summary: Zach doesn't know what's real and what isn't.

Title: Statistics
Word Count: 293
Summary: written for the pintofest drabblethon- prompt was “statistics”.

-Rated: PG-

Title: Baby, It's Cold Outside
Word Count: 2,756
Summary: A kiss under the mistletoe.

Title: Blemish
Word Count: 1,477
Summary: Chris is self-conscious about his skin. Zach doesn't mind.

Title: in my sky at twilight
Word Count: 1,300
Summary: Quinto theory #1: There is more to Chris Pine than meets the eye. In order to test out his theory, Zach starts leaving books around the set.

Title: In The Static
Word Count: 2,163
Summary: Chris is in a bad mood during the press junket in LA and Zach finds out why.

Title: Inbox
Word Count: 735
Summary: Chris wants Zach back.

Title: Irrational Jealousies: Smitten Kitten
Word Count: 1,671
Summary: Chris doesn't like it when someone else is the center of Zach's attention.

Title: Long Distance Goodnite
Word Count: 478
Summary: Chris grins at the screen. He types back, thumbs a little clumsy on the keyboard, eyes blinded from the contrast of bright LED screen against dark hotel room.

Title: A Moment, A Love
Word Count: 1,251
Summary: A desperate kiss in the New York City rain.

Title: Moments
Word Count: 2,232
Summary: Zach reflects on his relationship with Chris.

Title: Ode to Demi Moore *
Word Count:
Summary: Chris is the one who cut Zach's hair.

Title: Spider Killing and Eggs
Word Count: 1,328
Summary: Zach is afraid of spiders. Chris was making breakfast. How can their problems be solved?

Title: Starlight  *
Word Count:
Summary: Zach's gay, and in love with Chris. Chris is straight, but he still loves his friend.


-Rated: PG-13-

Title: The Accident
Word Count: 1,440
Summary: It starts as a hug.

Title: Better Way For Me to Say *
Word Count:
Summary: Chris is far from a coward , but when it comes to talking to Zach about certain things he feels, naturally he's a little apprehensive. It's so much easier to talk with everyone else- until Zach finds out on his own, that is.

Title: The Camera Never Lies
Word Count: 2,779
Summary: Joe Quinto doesn't understand why his brother, Zach, and his friend, Chris, can't see they were made for each other. An incurable romantic at heart, Joe decides to do a little matchmaking with his camera to help the boys see the error of their ways.

Title: 8 Ways to Get Your Man, or, Not That Zach Reads Cosmo or Anything
Word Count: 3,348
Summary: Zach tries to seduce Chris. It doesn't go exactly as planned:

Title: Fall to Pieces
Word Count: 1,176
Summary: Star Trek 12 is about to film.
Warnings: Angst (resolved)

Title: First Date
Word Count: 1,400
Summary: Inspired by Chris Pine's latest GQ spread, in which John Cho mentions that he has "never seen anyone react to [the paparazzi] so poorly"; first time fic

Title: First Impressions
Word Count: 1,430
Summary: Chris had initially dismissed Zach as “not his type” – but after spending time with Zach, and discovering his inherent beauty, he begins to change his mind.

Title: five unusable interviews
Word Count: 2,125
Summary: Five unusable interviews from the press tour.

Title: I've Got You
Word Count: 1,690
Summary: Zach calls Chris, who's had a really bad day.

Title: if you are the desert, i'll be the sea
Word Count: 2,900
Summary: Zach takes a few days off and disappears, Chris investigates.

Title: Irrational Jealousies: Salty
 Word Count: 1,814
Summary: Zach overhears Chris and Simon's conversations and misinterpret their meanings.

Title: Journey Worth Making **
Word Count: 11,207
Summary: Zoe and Zach have known each other for years (Matchmaker!Zoe).

Title: Kirks and Spocks **
Word Count: 10,729
Summary: When Zach signs on for Trek, he expects his life to change in many awesome ways. He does NOT expect writer's strikes, strange histories, obsessive mentors, ultra-hot co-stars, and to be eventually driven halfway to the lunatic asylum by The Greatest Love Story Ever Untold. It turns out he has a lot to learn about being Spock.
Warnings: Mildly cracky, sexual harassment in the workplace, gradual insanity, Shatner.

Title: Mancrush
Word Count: 1,370
Summary: “I have a mancrush on Karl, what can I tell you?”

Title: On the Perks of Gouged Ice *
Word Count: 4,737
Summary: “Hah... I'm. I'm restraining myself from making an I'm flying, Jack, I'm flying! reference right now.”

Title: One Stop Away
Word Count: 715
Summary: It's crowded and cramped and perfect.

Title: Pretty Meaty Burrito
Word Count: 3,260
Summary: Chris uses e-cards as an aid to help keep in touch with Zach.

Title: Stars Seem to Lose Their Place / However Far Away
Word Count: 2,564
Summary: Zach breaks up with Chris / Months later, Zach's relationship ends and Chris tries to comfort him.
Warnings: Angst (resolved)

Title: Tennis, Anyone?
Word Count: 549
Summary: “Can I... Can I rub your hair while you-?”

Title: Twitterpated
Word Count: 931
Summary: 'Aren't you supposed to be hanging with Chris today? Why the twitter spam?' That... is an excellent question. It's an excellent question because he's not spamming twitter.

Title: Verse and chapter
Word Count: 2,289
Summary: You can pour your heart out, around three o'clock, when the two-for-one's undone the writer's block.

-Rated: R-

Title: Constant
Word Count: 952
Summary: There are some things in the world that are constant.

Title: Fade to Black *
Word Count: 1,139
Summary: Here's the thing about love, the thing they don't tell you about in the books and the films and the television shows: it's nothing like it is in the books and the films and the television shows.

Title: Falling All Over the Place
Word Count: 600
Summary: Zach comforts Chris after the shootings in Arizona.
Warnings: Contains references to the Giffords shooting

Title: favourite worst nightmare
Word Count: 3,000
Summary: Chris has a regular pass-time. It's called Zach.

Title: GQMF- or How Zachary Learned of Livejournal
Word Count: 8,678
Summary: This idea came to me through the use of Google Alerts.

Title: Hot Like Whoa
Word Count: 1800
Summary: Chris gets sick. Zach plays nursemaid. Techily.

Title: Immovable Object *
Word Count: 2300
Summary: Chris has a brand new collar and doesn't want to take it off.
Warnings: D/s themes. A bit of topping from the bottom

Title: Inhabiting
Word Count: 6,500
Summary: In which Chris isn't completely unaware of the implications.

Title: The LA Chapter of the Ex-Boyfriends of Zachary Quinto Club *
Word Count: 9,022
Summary: The founding of the LA chapter of the Ex-Boyfriends of Zachary Quinto Club comes at a strange moment for all of them in that they’re between jobs, really financially comfortable, a little desperate for friendly companionship, and finally have the time to check out all those restaurants they had heard about in LA. Mostly, though, they thought Zach was kind of an asshole.

Title: Late at Night A Lover Sings *
Word Count: 9,581
Summary: When Zach leaves for New York, Chris is worried. How will their relationship survive the year, when they'll spend most of it apart?

Title: A Lot of Walking
Word Count: 6,562
Summary: Prompt- "Chris has never been in a homosexual relationship and is having the BIG GAY FREAKOUT before anything has even happened. He turns to a close friend for advice (John!!!). This would ideally end in C/Z smut but just a BFF supportive discussion would be amazing also."

Title: Man Crush
Word Count: 2,700
Summary: Zach always looks forward to his movie nights with Chris, though Chris' taste in viewing material is questionable; tonight is no exception.

Title: Rest My Chemistry
Word Count: 3,400
Summary: Zach has no interest in being friends with Chris. But when they're stuck together 24/7 during the press tour, things take a turn.

Title: Shutter Speed
Word Count: 1,905
Summary: Zach helps Chris relax during a photo shoot.

Title: That Four AM Thing.
Word Count: 1,200
Summary: Strange things happen at four am.

Title: Through Space and Time **
Word Count: 5,400
Summary: A year in the life of Pinto. Zach finds that being in a relationship with Chris is both easier and harder than he though it would be.

Title: Touch *
Word Count: 2,374
Summary: Bit of first-time fluff/slash involving electronic devices; contains a helpful chart! 

Title: Triple Word Porn
Word Count: 1,137
Summary: Chris never usually got this upset about invalid Scrabble words.

Title: We Hold Our Ground
Word Count: 1,298
Summary: Zach is a little late for Chris’ 30th Birthday 


-Rated: NC-17-

Title: adumbrating
Word Count: 4,000
Summary: About three interviews after they mention the word competition, Chris decides it’s time to step things up a notch. Things don't exactly go to plan.

Title: Airplane Mode *
Word Count: 2,834
Summary: Sexting on a plane.

Title: Ambiguity
Word Count: 4158
Summary: "Pinto listening to sex through a hotel room wall and like, and they're totally platonic for like 5 seconds, before they're both so turned on they can't keep their hands off each other. DO IT."
Warnings: Auditory kink, emotional squick, discomfort, and angst

Title: An Innocent Man
Word Count: 3,914
Summary: Chris helps Zach overcome his insecurities.

Title: and is still huge
Word Count: 2750
Summary: Rodolfo shows up at Zach's apartment but has trouble staying in character.

Title: And Then There's That Kiss-Sound **
Word Count: 5,918
Summary: It's really all about hotel rooms, and press tours, and the fact that they always share a bed. And then there's that kiss-sound that Chris has never noticed before when he's kissed other people.

Title: antiquated
Word Count: 1,400
Summary: Zach needs a new coffee table.

Title: Aural Sensitivity
Word Count: 1,618
Summary: Spock isn't the only one with an ear kink apparently.

Title: Bad Poetry
Word Count: 2,945
Summary: Chris visits Zach in NYC.

Title: Bare
Word Count: 656
Summary: Chris wanted this for a long time. Tonight, Zach's going to indulge him.

Title: Be Mine
Word Count: 2,842
Summary: It's Valentine's Day and Chris and Zach make a few things clear

Title: Better Than Chocolate
Word Count: 1,311
Summary: Chocolate cake and birthday sex.

Title: The Big 3-0
Word Count: 4,600
Summary: Chris decides to indulge himself on his thirtieth birthday, using one of Zach's ultimate fantasies.
Warnings: Light bondage, het, and indeed, gangbanging.

Title: blacking out the friction
Word Count: 6,470
Summary: in which chris likes to touch, and zach goes through several phases regarding this, including discomfort, apathy, suspicion, acceptance, and obsession to the point of insanity. it's like the stages of depression, except with more erections and about the same amount of drinking.

Title: Blame Harold
Word Count: 3,369
Summary: Chris and Zach get into an argument and make-up sex ensues.
Warnings: PWP. Mild angst. Bottom!Zach. Fluff.

Title: Blue Clear Sky *
Word Count: 25,792
Summary: Look, Zach has rules. Especially about dating in this city of actors, and keeping an eye out for that handsome blue-eyed stranger that could (questionably) be stalking him. But what's a guy to do when life certainly doesn't give a damn, and turns the rules upside down? Cue casting shenanigans, drama, and – heaven forbid – growing feelings. Oh my.

Title: Body Writing
Word Count: 3600
Summary: Zach writes all over Chris.
Warnings: Lots of angst including implied infidelity. Very vague implication of suicide attempt, to the point where it's really up to you to decide if that's what is happening or not.

Title: Bright Lights
Word Count: 3,299
Summary: Chris and Zach go to the Golden Globes.

Title: Captain Spanky Series ***
Word Count: 67,480
Summary: Chris starts experimenting with his sexuality. Zach helps (despite some reluctance at times).
Warnings: Angst, attempted humiliation, barebacking, biting, blowjobs, bondage, caning, discussions of violent consensual sex and sadism, discussions of phobias, fisticuffs, hair pulling, hard biting, hard caning, implied controlled behaviour, implied D/s, masturbation; mentions of blood, violent sex, and knives; mentions of dub-con, mentions of drug use, mentions of needles, mentions of orgasm delay, mentions of snowballing, mild D/s, mild mention of cutting/blood, orgasm control, orgasm denial, physical altercations, purposefully painful fingering, riding crop, S&M, scratching, spanking, Vague mentions of spanking, voyeurism

Title: Chance Music
Word Count: 4,618
Summary: Revolving around Zach's brief return to LA.

Title: Chris and the Giant Package
Word Count: 7,082
Summary: Zach thinks that Chris is extremely difficult to buy gifts for. This Christmas he comes up with something especially creative.

Title: Chris and Zach Go to a Nudie Beach
Word Count: 4,379
Summary: “Zach, take your clothes off.  People are starting to stare.”
Warnings: exhibitionism, public sex, mild painplay

Title: Chris After Dentist
Word Count: 4,230
Summary: Zach takes care of Chris after he gets his wisdom teeth removed.
Warnings: Mild prescription drug abuse

Title: Clingy
Word Count: 1,973
Summary: Chris isn’t over it.
Warnings: Infidelity (ZQ), Angst (unresolved)

Title: Crooked Teeth
Word Count: 2,872
Summary: Chris and Zach break up; neither of them deal with it very well.

Title: Cuddle It Out
Word Count: 2,339
Summary: Zach is down and Chris knows just how to cheer him up

Title: Curiously Bright
Word Count: 2,608
Summary: Zach can’t take his eyes off Chris tonight.

Title: The Door
Word Count: 4,236
Summary: A friendly offer: "Just shower at my place, man."

Title: Earthquake Dreams
Word Count: 1,699
Summary: From this prompt at trek_rpf_kink: Zach saw Farragut North! Need dressing room/backstage sexing PLEASE!!!!! (uh pinto. lols)

Title: The Essence of you *
Word Count: 2,100
Summary: Chris had this one recurring dream his entire life about a person he didn't recognize.

Title: Faith and Desire
Word Count: 2,580
Summary: So come on, get higher, loosen my lips, Faith and desire in the swing of your hips, Just pull me down hard, And drown me in love

Title: The Favor
Word Count: 3,297
Summary: What's a friendship without a few benefits?

Title: Feels like reckless driving
Word Count: 7,000
Summary: Chris keeps the echoing ghosts of their words locked tightly inside of him, nurturing them like a precious thing waiting to grow.

Title: Finger-Lickin' Good
Word Count: 954
Summary: Chris misses Zach, and the oven is preheating.

Title: Folie à Deux
Word Count: 3,621
Summary: Zach might have a little bit of a thing for Chris' hands. Chris might have noticed.

Title: From the hips
Word Count: 500
Summary: Zach's on the phone, but Chris has other ideas.

Title: Give Me The Meltdown
Word Count: 3,125
Summary: Chris has been going through a hard time while Zach’s been away.

Title: Handle with Care
Word Count: 4,846
Summary: fills the kink!bingo prompt “virginity/celibacy”

Title: Heard Melodies
Word Count: 2,421
Summary: Zach comes home to find Chris playing his guitar.

Title: I Stay Wrecked
Word Count: 9,750
Summary: Chris is hopelessly in love with Zach, who is currently dating Jonathan Groff.
Warnings: Double anal penetration. Also, unresolved angst.

Title: In Which Zach is a Size Queen and Chris is “Gifted”
Word Count: 5,177
Summary: Five times Zach ogles of Chris' bulge and one time he tames it.

Title: Indefinable
Word Count: 8,620
Summary: Spending too much time concerned with thinking about what they aren't, he neglects to see them for what they are.

Title: Inertia Creeps
Word Count: 2,400
Summary: Zach's hosting a wrap party and Chris is getting high in the garden.

Title: infatuation
Word Count: 2,100
Summary: Does anyone remember that size!kink fic I said I wouldn't write? Oh, yeah. About that...

Title: Intense Method Actors
Word Count: 6,328
Summary: They meet for the first time, and things become awkward shortly after.

Title: Intoxication
Word Count: 2,400
Summary: Chris is drunk on whiskey, Zach is drunk on Chris.

Title: January
Word Count: 1,951
Summary: can you visit? It's only been EIGHT MONTHS since we've hung out.

Title: Just a Little Bet
Word Count: 1,436
Summary: fills the kink!bingo prompt “sex toys (worn under clothing)”

Title: Learn to Fly
Word Count: 4,672
Summary: It's the bravest thing he's every said and waiting for a reaction is like the tick tick before the boom.

Title: Like Holy Wine
Word Count: 2,295
Summary: Deleted scene from Summerlong. What happened when Chris and Zach got back to Zach’s house after seeing each other again for the first time in ten years.

Title: Look Alike
Word Count: 2,571
Summary: Chris finds a porn. The bottom just happens to look a bit like Zach.

Title: Lost in Blue
Word Count: 1,090
Summary: Chris has a bad day. Zach makes it better.

Title: Louder Than Sirens, Louder Than Bells
Word Count: 3,651
Summary: They're only using one toy tonight – if you don't count the necktie binding Chris' arms behind him or the one covering his eyes, and Zach doesn't.
Warnings: D/s, mild humiliation, toys, bondage 

Title: My First, My Last, My Everything
Word Count: 1,699
Summary: Chris dances for Zach to the tune of Barry White’s “My First, My Last, My Everything”.

Title: New York State of Mind
Word Count: 4,034
Summary: Chris visits Zach in NYC.

Title: Nice Vest, Wanna Fuck?
Word Count: 7,117
Summary: Written for the prompt "Chris likes to top, but so does Zach. Negotiations, bribery and sulkiness ensue." Long before premieres and publicity tours - before interviews that had them pressed against each other, thigh-to-thigh, before airport hugs and visits to New York and elaborate high-fives - long before all that, there was this....

Title: Nothing But The Whole Wide World
Word Count: 2,499
Summary: Zach's afraid of losing Chris.

Title: One Safe Place
Word Count: 1,792
Summary: Chris and Zach after the Critic’s Choice Awards inside a broom closet at the Chateau Marmont.

Title: Our Thing *
Word Count: 10,464
Summary: In which Chris is unduly tense and Zach is willing to help...
Warnings: Semi-public bj, frotting, mirrors, bits o' angst, mutual masturbation

Title: Outbursts
Word Count: 1,514
Summary: Prompt- "I'd love to see a funny/smutty Pinto where Chris is looking at some of Zach's smoldering photo shoots and says something along the lines of "I though you were supposed to make love to the camera, not fuck it 'til it screams and leaves 20 bucks on the dresser."

Title: Peanut Butter
Word Count: 18,197
Summary: Chris isn't sure what peanut butter means to Zach, but he realizes what it means to him.

Title: The Pool *
Word Count: 4,802
Summary: Prompt- "Pinto, first-time, in a pool. Preferably sneaking into a hotel pool at night (But no getting caught. I want them to finish!)"
Warnings: Frotting, water jets

Title: Pool Shark
Word Count: 1,905
Summary: Chris has Zach off his game.

Title: Pretty Meaty Valentine
Word Count: 2,743
Summary: Valentine's Day done right thanks to

Title: Puppy Play
Word Count: 2650
Summary: Puppy play, with toys. Zach is Chris' well-trained pet.
Warnings: Puppy play, including bareback sex in (puppy) character; mention of whips.

Title: the rest of the ride is riding on you
Word Count: 1,300
Summary: There was a plane. And there was Chris. And Zach. And then porn happened.

Title: romance / roh-manss, roh-manss / noun a baseless, made-up story, usually full of exaggeration or fanciful invention.
Word Count: 15,500
Summary: chris pine and zachary quinto / k-riss fine and zac-airy kwin-to / noun two guys who accidentally fuck around. there's a lot more to it, but why don't you just read it and save me having to write a summary?

Title: Scene 24A, Take 34 *
Word Count: 4074
Summary: Chris is really nervous about a certain scene in the script of STXII, and he and Zach have to figure out a way to get through it professionally.

Title: Shakin' All Over
Word Count: 6,000
Summary: Potential CRACK: Tyler Shields asks Zach if he and Chris will do a shoot together, pushing boundaries and going a little nuts. Little did they know exactly what Tyler had in mind...

Title: Sleep Soundly Dear
Word Count: 1,859
Summary: Chris is upset about Zach staying longer in NY for AiA so Zach tries to make it up to him.

Title: Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
Word Count: 3,016
Summary: Karl needs a cigarette.
Warnings: Voyeurism

Title: Summerlong
Word Count: 18,310
Summary: Chris and Zach meet on a road trip during the summer of 1998.

Title: Supernova Series ***
Word Count: 131,600
Summary: Sequel to Captain Spanky Series. Chris and Zach are trying to make a long distance relationship work. And Chris is getting curious about what things are like from Zach's perspective.
Warnings: Abrasion, angst, biting, blood, blood play, blow jobs, bondage in an acting environment, caning, controlling behaviour, depressive states and dangerous people, discussions about asphyxia, hair-pulling, heavy bruising, heavy pain, het, knife play, a lot of drinking, manipulative behaviour, masturbation; mentions of scratching, biting, and knives; mild D/s, mentions of asphyxia, mentions of childhood abuse or trama; mentions of flogger, paddle, and burning; mentions of knife play, mentions of self-harm (cutting, drinking), mentions of violence, needles, orgasm denial, painful sex, puppy play, riding crop, rimming, roughhousing, S&M, sleepy sex, spanking, vague mentions of abusive relationships, vague mentions of blood, vague mentions of needles.

Title: That New Kirk Smell
Word Count: 1,069
Summary: The scent of a captain. (Sex in a bathtub.)

Title: that one where chris wears glasses.
Word Count: 1,500
Summary: Chris wears the wrong glasses and steals Zach's. And then there is porn. No, really, that's the plot.

Title: there is no title. this is a study of why zoe is awesome.
Word Count: 1,200
Summary: Zoe is awesome. End of story. Oh wait, there's more? Yeah. Fingers are awesome too. Namely Chris Pine's fingers.

Title: There's No Place Like Home
Word Count: 2,039
Summary: Chris comes home shower sex ensues.

Title: 36 Days
Word Count: 2,382
Summary: Zach’s in LA to see Noah. Yeah… Noah…

Title: This is Us *
Word Count: 27,000
Summary: Zach brings the party to Chris' s apartment. Chris gets over it. (A "first time", "gay for Zach" series)

Title: Threshold of Revelation
Word Count: 2,965
Summary: Chris sees Zach in Angels in America, feels feelings. 

Title: 2:37 AM *
Word Count: 1,973
Summary: Prompt- "Zach and Chris, mutual masturbation with no touching the other."

Title: untitled
Word Count: 2,359
Summary: Witty banter and sex and more witty banter. Prompt was the macro of Zach that says something like 'the only reason you'd kick me out of bed is to fuck on the floor'

Title: untitled salt!porn
Word Count: 2,400
Summary: Salt, limes, tequila, Zach and Chris. Oh, yeah, and porn.

Title: Velcro
Word Count: 5,526
Summary: Beards.
Warnings: Infidelity (ZQ) and mention of ZQ/JGroff

Title: Warm *
Word Count: 12,460
Summary: Chris invites Zach to spend a long weekend with him at a vacation home in the Berkshires.

Title: Win-Win Situation
Word Count: 1,500
Summary: It's another interview. Well, that's what Chris thinks.

Title: You Make It Easy
Word Count: 3,589
Summary: Chris and Zach negotiating their way through that whole 'friends with benefits' thing...

Title: You Never Forget Your First Time
Word Count: 3,310
Summary: It’s Chris’ first time.

Title: You're Unfolding
Word Count: 3,659
Summary: Zach has never let anyone inside. Until now.  

-Rated: PG-13, AU-

Title: Darkness
Word Count: 14,500
Summary: Prompt- "Actor Chris has been in an accident of some kind. He's in a waking coma. He can't respond to everything around him but he hears and understands it all fine. His nursing team in hospital includes one guy called Zach who has a beautiful voice and who seems smart, funny, cute. Zach's touch is gentle and professional. Chris starts falling in love with the guy with the voice.Then Chris starts to recover and can open his eyes. As he gets better and can interact with Zach more. Bonus points for flirty John/Karl interaction."

Title: Every Sunday
Word Count: 572
Summary: Some funny fluff about Zach, Chris, and a bratty little newspaper boy. Established relationship/marriage.

Title: How the Tooth Fairy Saved Christmas and Cursed the Krampus
Word Count: 8,696
Summary: Chris is the Tooth Fairy, working hard on the run up to Christmas when something goes terribly wrong.

Title: It's in the Touch of Your Hand *
Word Count: 6,903
Summary: Zach is an instructor at the prestigious Los Angeles Ballet Academy when he gets a new student. He's got three months to teach actor Chris Pine the basics of how to move like a ballet dancer, and during the process they discover more than they ever expected.

Title: Like Daddy, Like Daughter **
Word Count: 21,913
Summary: "Darling," he whispers in Chris' ear, and it sends shivers up and down Chris' spine. "I know you want a family... I know you want one so bad, but..." Chris steels himself for the rejection that follows; hearing Zach say the words that he doesn't ever want a kid. "But what you don't know is that I want the same things you do." Zach presses a soft feather-light kiss just behind Chris' ear.

Title: Three Dozen Daises
Word Count: 2150
Summary: The AU where Chris is a florist and Zach celebrates every holiday in existence, so he can come and buy flowers from him.

-Rated: R, AU-
Title: Dr. and Mrs. Princess Whitelaw
Word Count: 55,750
Summary: Inspired by screamlet's excellent First Date, after which leupagus hypothesized that Chris Pine was this close to giving it all up and going back to Berkeley to teach English literary theory. Screamlet, bless her heart, didn't call the police.

Title: Girls Like Mystery
Word Count: 3,452
Summary: Chris is tired of pretending she plays for the other team. It doesn't help matters that she has a hot best friend.
Warnings: Genderswap, femmeslash

Title: Hell is This
Word Count: 2,600
Summary: Sure, Chris was good at his job, but the truth remained that some marks were easier than others.

Title: So Hot Right Now
Word Count: 4,175
Summary: Zach fears for his status at the top of the male modeling industry when a young hotshot comes along.

-Rated: NC-17, AU-

Title: as i recall, it was a horror film
Word Count: 6,600
Summary: AU; Chris and Zach are at university together. Just before his big exams, Chris discovers that a ghost is molesting people who attend the university.

Title: Devil With a Blue Shirt On
Word Count: 10,000
Summary: Zachary Quinto was a cute dork who managed to become absolutely eyeball-fryingly hot without changing much about how he looks or, God knows, becoming a sartorial genius (said with love). ZQ sold his soul to the devil for hotness. Did you know that the devil has blue eyes?
Warnings: Possibly (very likely) sacrilegious, but not intended to be offensively so. Recreational drug use.
(Part 02)

Title: Double Trouble
Word Count: 3,819
Summary: Chris actually has a twin named Rodolfo. Another one of those 'Rodolfo helps Chris and Zach do something about their feelings for each other' fics.

Title: Ever After  *
Word Count: 44,000
Summary: AU- The Queen of Pinland decides it's time for her son to marry, just as the Dowager Queen of Quintoia pressures her youngest to do the same.
Warnings: Sword fighting, mayhem, injury, minor character death, poetry
(Part 02) (Part 03) (Part 04) (Part 05) (Final)

Title: Fic is Life
Word Count: 4,460
Summary: Chris and Zach discover fanfiction. Zach wears a headband. The sex tape is leaked. Chris gets tentacles.
Warnings: Crack. Meta. A touch of angst. The aforementioned tentacles.

Title: Foi o Carnaval que passou
Word Count: 1,724
Summary: In which Chris spends Carnaval in Rio and meets a handsome stranger. (Can be read as AU or just pre-Trek)

Title: 46th and Pine: A West Philadelphia Love Story **
Word Count: 35,500
Summary: Philadelphia AU. Chris is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania when he meets Zach, a hipster artist with a hippie lifestyle in West Philadelphia.
Warnings: Angst, drinking, mention of drug use (weed), unprotected sex

Title: I Just Need Your Body, Baby
Word Count: 2,203
Summary: Chris is a streetwalker. Zach picks him up. Yup, that's pretty much it.

Title: Like Gangbusters *
Word Count: 42,000
Summary: Zach's an ambitious mafioso in 30's prohibition-era Philly, where Chris is settling into his new job with a rival gang.
Warnings: Casual racism; racist, ethnic, and misogynist slurs, homophobic slurs, D/s themes, hitting, reference to violence and murder. Several episodes of intense, detailed physical violence in Chapter 3, murder, darkness.
(Part 02) (Part 03) (Part 04) (Final)

Title: Men of Courage *
Word Count: 82,156
Summary: Zachary Quinto-Nimoy is the son of Leonard Nimoy, one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. Chris Pine is a struggling actor given his big break when he's cast in Leonard's latest Star Trek movie. In a world of hidden motives, cowardice, disapproval, and pressures of the media they find themselves drawn to each other despite every effort to tear them apart.

Title: Merry Bachelors *
Word Count: 11,120
Summary: Ten years from now, Zach reads a promising script.

Title: Primavera  ***
Word Count: 67,300
Summary: Teenage Chris goes to live with the Quinto family when his mom is sick.
Warnings: Angst, Zach/OMC, ideas based in complete fantasy about Zach's backstory that some people may find distasteful, drug use, anxiety, and depression.
(Part 02) (Part 03) (Part 04) (Part 05) (Part 06) (Part 07) (Part 08) (Part 09) (Part 10) (Final)

Title: Secure in Someone Else's Bonds
Word Count: 25,954
Summary: A very damaged Chris Pine ends up in prison. His cellmate, for good or evil, is Zach. Zach pretty much runs the whole damn place, and Chris presents him with a fascinating challenge.
Warnings: Main character death, rape, child abuse non-con incest, self-mutilation, graphic violence, accompanying prison themes, BDSM.

Title: Slick
Word Count: 5,100
Summary: Written for the prompt: Zach's pulled a muscle in his back, so Chris comes over to oil him up and rub him down...

Title: Training Wheels
Word Count: 37,996
Summary: surrogate (n): one appointed to act in the place of another; a substitute

Title: Twenty Minutes
Word Count: 61,492
Summary: Prompt- "Bad people made them do it! Bonus points for first time and both/one of the guys crushing on the other and feeling terrible for enjoying something that's supposed to be bad." Seconded later on- "Fuck or die wanted", to paraphrase.

Title: Two Can Play
Word Count: 2,843
Summary: Pinto/Harry Potter crossover. Zach, a Slytherin, tries to seduce Chris, a Gryffindor, apparently just to get under his skin. But things aren't quite so simple and his plan runs in an unexpected complication.

Title: Two of Us *
Word Count:
Summary: A love story told from then to now.
Warnings: Angst and a serious accident.

Title: Vegan Cupcakes For All (Or Whatever)
Word Count: 14,560
Summary: AU. Chris is a five star chef who gets hired to cater for (famous actor) Zachary Quinto's birthday bash. They meet and suddenly, Chris is always Zach's go-to choice for food for every little occasion… Chris really doesn't mind answering the calls for 'Chinese-inspired' fajitas at four in the morning, either...

Title: Whitelaw Books
Word Count: 15,539
Summary: Originally written to fill this prompt: “Zach frequents the same hole-in-the-wall bookstore and notices a very attractive guy (Chris) working there. But Chris is deaf. Subsequent chapters detail their relationship.
Warnings: Mild angst, deaf character, fluff.

Title: Wind at Dawn (Noble Things) ***
Word Count: 47,000
Summary: In the chaos of the Great War, Zach is a medic in a camp hospital in Soissons,
France. When he meets an American soldier named Chris with a gunshot wound, both their lives change.
Warnings: War. Death- dead bodies, shooting, etc. Blood. Religion. French. Latin. Suicide-minor character. infant death- minor character. homophobia. Angst. Major Character Death.

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Oh my goodness. *blown away*


(I also need to go back and browse a lot of these...)

Haha, thanks! :)

I spent most of my weekend re-reading these, and it was most definitely worth it.

why can't i read Like Gangbusters!?!?

Like Gangbusters is by beederiffic, you have to friend her to read any of her stories (she'll friend you right back too!)

thank you!!!! :3 i really wante to read it

No problem! :)
All of her stories are amazingly awesome.


As always I appear to be late to join the party, but goodness are these boys addictive now that I've stumbled across them.

Thank you so much for enabling my sojourn to the dark side that is RPS. They do fit so beautifully together.

Thank you again! Hope to see more fic soon with the release of the new movie and the corresponding press junkets.

Ahhhh, I'm so late to see this post, but I'm so happy I did. I have so many new things to read and so many old favorites to re-read. (And it's so flattering seeing a couple of my stories get rec'ed and with stars even, oh jeez.) Thank you for this post!


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